Why do mentholated cigarettes still exist?

A few weeks ago, a group of black doctors urged federal officials to ban the sale of menthol-flavored cigarettes because of its high usage in black communities. They’re right. It’s long overdue.

Are we really talking about Hillary’s cold?

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I noticed the news program I was watching focused mostly on one story—it wasn’t the 9/11 memorials or the ceasefire in Syria after a bloody weekend. It was about Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton falling ill on the campaign trail. As pundits and reporters speculated whether…

The war on drugs: Fighting a losing battle

If you ask anyone in my age group about Fancy Nancy, they’ll likely exclaim, “Just say no!” or “Crack is Wack!” Emblazoned on the back of my summer camp t-shirt was “this is a drug-free body.” On face value, these are good things to tell children. Crack is wack – prolonged use of crack cocaine can cause anxiety, paranoia, psychosis, heart disease, stroke, seizure, sexual dysfunction, and infertility. The use of other “illicit” drugs can be just as dangerous, particularly for developing bodies and minds.

The problem with that seemingly innocuous campaign is it launched America into a 30-years war that has done little to quell the tide of drug use, marginalized those that needed help and propagated false theories about drug use that will not subside.

Science girls

One could make the argument that woman are just choosing other fields that are more interesting to them, but it’s a bigger issue. Women are less likely to find a career in a STEM field because as girls they are pushed away.