We love Amanda

Amanda Flores is a single mother from Silver Springs, MD. In November, Amanda began to feel sick. Her doctor said she likely had a cold or the flu. But as the symptoms continued, Amanda got worse. Around Christmas she went back to the doctor unable to breathe or eat. The doctor diagnosed pneumonia and admitted her to the hospital.

Science girls

One could make the argument that woman are just choosing other fields that are more interesting to them, but it’s a bigger issue. Women are less likely to find a career in a STEM field because as girls they are pushed away.

Ebola’s other victims

The Ebola epidemic in Africa continues to decimate the chimpanzee and gorilla population. Approximately a third of the world’s ape population have died from Ebola since 1990.

No-bake breakfast bar

Energy bars are everywhere nowadays. I don’t know about you, but I’m hard-pressed to find one that is healthy while tasty and inexpensive. So I’ve decided to make my own.